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Green Job Revolution

We need to create 5 million green jobs while conserving 20% of our energy by 2015. An economy that relies on green energy needs green jobs. As investments catalyze the growth of a new, clean energy economy, we are finally ready to replace the old debate of "jobs vs. the environment" by investing in "jobs for the environment."

We can bring large numbers of people out of poverty, while improving the environment and public health. A comprehensive vision for a better tomorrow incorporates a vision for a better today: new investments, new jobs, and a new economy.

Host a screening of Everything's Cool to rally your community to support green jobs. 

Green Job Revolution Video

Check out the Green Job Revolution extra from the Everything’s Cool DVD to see how Chicago Growing Home is providing job training through an organic agriculture business. Then, share it with your friends by embedding it into your website or profile.


Host or Find a Green Jobs Now action in your area
Join thousands of Americans across the country calling for a new green economy on September 27, 2008. Get ideas on how to make your event fun and sign up now!



Connect and get involved with local green jobs initiatives in your area

Do you have a community organization or program like Growing Home or the Automotive High School in Brooklyn, New York in your city or town? If so, host a screening of Everything's Cool to generate support for those programs. If not, host a screening of Everything's Cool and show the Green Job Revolution and Biofuels High Extras in order to generate interest in your community. Invite your local leaders and after the film, formulate ways to follow up and create these opportunities.


Green For All

Green For AllGreen for All has a simple but ambitious mission: to help build a green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. They are committed to securing one billion dollars by 2012 to create "green pathways out of poverty" for 250,000 people in the United States, by greatly expanding federal government and private sector commitments to "green-collar" jobs.

Growing Home

Growing Home operates an innovative transitional employment program based in Chicago for homeless and low-income people. The individuals who participate in Growing Home's program often have multiple barriers to employment, including a history of homelessness, incarceration, or substance abuse issues. For participants struggling with substance abuse or homelessness, the process of growing organic vegetables-deeply rooted and free of dangerous chemicals-can mirror their own transformation.

Sustainable South Bronx: B.E.S.T. Project

Sustainable South Bronx developed a 10 week program that seeds the community with green collar workers who have a direct economic stake in the future of their local environment. The program allows community members to independently reclaim brownfields, reduce unemployment, and increase efficiency of homes that need it the most.

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